PMC Riesa 96 e.V. scale modelling exhibition 2018 in Großenhain - Modellbauverein Riesa

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PMC Riesa 96 e.V.

at Alberttreff Großenhain           
September 15th – 16th 2018
SKZ Alberttreff - Am Marstall 1 - 01558 Großenhain
We are right in the middle of the preparations for our scale modelling exhibition by now.
Details are being worked out, which we are announcing here. More information will follow during the following weeks and months.

If you have any questions feel free to ask us at ausstellung @
Exhibitors can start setting up at 8am on Saturday, September 15th 2018.
Opening hours of the exhibition:
Saturday, Sept. 15th 10:00am to 6:00pm
Sunday, Sept. 16th 10:00am to 4:00pm
For children we will have a supervised arts and crafts station as always. Furthermore a raffle will be waiting for your lucky hands to win great prices.

We will also care for your culinary well-being. There will be a warm lunch and coffee and cake all day.
We are expanding our competition from 7 to 11 categories and are hoping that we meet your taste and engage your interest.
Cat. A :
Cat. B :
Cat. C :
Cat. D :
Cat. E :
Cat. F :
Cat. G :
Cat. H :
Cat. I :
Cat. J :
Cat. K :
Science Fiction/Fantasy
Aircrafts smaller than 1/48
Aircrafts bigger than 1/48
Military vehicles before 1945
Military vehicles after 1945
Figurines and vignettes
Civilian Vehicles
Utility vehicles
Racing vehicles
Furthermore we are offering 6 workshops with different topics.
Sat. 12.30 p.m. : Un Seung Lee - Wood representation with oil colors
Sat.   2.30 p.m. : Christian Bachmann - Diversity of manufacturers of
                           colors for plastic scale modelling
Sat.   4.30 p.m. : Un Seung Lee - Designing water with acrylic
Sun. 10.30 a.m. :  _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Sun. 12.00 p.m. :  Lucas Neubert - Coloring faces  when building figurines
Sun.   1.30 p.m. :  _ _ _ _ _ _ _
We are organizing overnight accommodation and a nice get together on Saturday evening with the exhibitors.

We have preselected the guest houses and at the beginning of Februrary we will negotiate the details.
Directions and exhibition venue:
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